Grassroots Enterprise Messaging System (GEMS) will help you create a beautifully designed letter with unique Letterhead styling, Body design and cursive signature.  If sponsored, there is no charge; otherwise standard rates apply.  The result: a highly-polished printed and electronic communication made in just a few minutes without you ever having to leave your desk.  GEMS sends your letter by email AND/OR by Fax (if you input an operating FAX  number).  GEMS sends YOU a high definition, printable copy by return email.  Delivery times vary based upon system volume.

First, input your data, then recipient's data including the email address and/or the fax number.  Click "Edit Text" button to select font styles and/or to edit the letter and then the "Save Changes".  You can edit the entire body of the proposed letter.  Use our Contact Us page for assistance.

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