Grassroots Enterprise Messaging System (GEMS):  The GEMS system is a masterful combination of simultaneous delivery of highly-personalized written documents through three simultaneous venues:  Email (using our super servers Grassroots.Email); faxed wherein our trademarked system of Faxography delivers thousands of clean, crisp letters; and, Printing either directly from our site or of a delivered PDF copy that is always sent to the customer via email both inline for quick and easy viewing, and also attached in a Hi-Def PDF format for saving, printing and physical delivery.

Purpose of Faxography:  Even in 2017, faxes from one person to another are vitally important.  While some businesses are moribund and have not entered the computer age, other users (such as governments) have restrictions on them (such as an Open Records act) that require each piece of paper coming into an office to be closely monitored.  Others, despite the enactment of the Federal Digital Signature Act a decade ago, are late adopters and will not honor a signature unless “… it is on a piece of paper!”  Thus, the vitality of sending a fax message (we call them FaxGrams as will be explained below) remains very strong in this digital age.

Another example is Congress!  After 9-11 and the anthrax scare, Congress enacted a procedural requirement that causes all mail to be scanned before delivery.  Thus “snail mail” sometimes takes a week to get to the recipient.  Many members of Congress will not give out their private email addresses – so the only effective tool left is the fax machine – which was invented over 70 years ago!  And, since more than 98.5% of congressional Members have faxes operating, this is the way to go in most cases.

Inventing Faxography:  The Founder & CEO of Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd., Charles F. Benninghoff III, invented Remote Faxography, a system that allows distant websites to utilize our proprietary coding on their website.  This feature allows the distant website to appear to its users as though all functions are contained within its website.  The reality is, all functions flow from the secure servers of Grassroots.  The image below exhibits this principle for Faxography flowing from Grassroots’ website.  Faxography is patent pending.

IFThe image above shows Faxography using
Grassroots’ servers.  Remote Faxography
is a variation in which coding is put

on a distant server, allowing FaxGrams to be
seamlessly sent through Grassroots – even
though the website user never visits
Grassroots, or knows it exists.

Here we have a view of Remote Faxography that shows how the distant website’s internet server is employed in the flow of commands necessary to send a FaxGram seamlessly through the distant website.

faxography_remote_bg2The image above shows the distant server interposed
between the user and the internet.
Using Grassroots’
unique coding, the use of Grassroots’ server is seamless!

How does Faxography send a FaxGram and not just a plain old fax?  Here’s how:  unlike any other website service we know, Grassroots’ system permits all the customer’s website visitors to change the message to be faxed.  All other known sites simply send the same message to everyone on the “list” (for example all United States Senators, or all Republican or Democratic Senators).  Thus, Grassroots uniquely permits the “citizen” user to control completely what message is delivered.  Grassroots practices no censorship and, indeed, would not do so if asked, as each citizen has freedom of speech.  This feature not only endears site owners to their website visitors, it also greatly pains officials who may be subjected to the wrath of the voter.

Case Study:  Recently the Senate Republican Leadership dishonored American voters by permitting Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski to continue in party leadership positions despite leaving the GOP and becoming an independent after losing the primary to Joe Miller.  In response, irate Republicans around the country used Grassroots Faxography to send all 41 Republican Senators more than 34,000+ FaxGrams demanding that Murkowski be censured.  That’s over 800 FaxGrams to each Senator!